The MUSTB group had a successful start of career with the song “I want you”, making them the representative artists of the MustM Entertainment.
In 2018, the members of the group worked really hard to get their dream come true, thanks to their strong determination and the help of the staff, they have the MustM Entertainment’s first boy group.
They have 5 members:
•  TAEGEON leader, rapper, the older member, he likes drawing and arts.
•  WOOYEON vocal -the tallest member, he likes to listen music andwatch movies.
•  DOHA vocal,he likes to do some sports and play computer’s games.
•  SOOHYUN rapper, he’s the one who create the group’s choreography, he used to play hockey, that’s why they call him “hockey boy”.
•  SIHOO maknae, main vocalist e main dancer – heworked as a backup dancers during IDOL of the BTS group. Used to be a dancer in the 1Million dance studio.The name of the group stands for “MUST Believe” adding a stronger feeling of trust, between them and their fans. They’ll work hard for their fans because they believe in their dream. They also have a slogan ”MustB A Light”– this sentence has a message of hope, “Be a sunbeam”. Their fandom’s name is Muffin.


Purple Beck (퍼플백) is a 5 members Korean girl group under Majesty Entertainment. The members are Yeowool, Yerim, Layeon, Mini, and Seyeon.
Purple Beck debuted on June 24th, 2019.
Purple Beck Official Fandom Name: Beckies
Purple Beck Official Colors:
Purple and Yellow


PRISMA is the new group of Korean agency UnionWave Entertainment based in Seoul, is a girl group made up of five members: Gyeongmin, Nia, Miriam, Sally and Eunbyeol. PRISMA have a multicultural character with members from Italy, Korea, Spain and the USA. They had their first artistical debut in October 2020, with the song breakout.

MY.ST (마이스트) was a 5-member boy group under MYstar Entertainment. The group is made up of Woojin, Juntae, Minho, Woncheol, and Keonwoo. They debuted on March 26th, 2020 with the single “Don’t Know“. Official Fandom: MA:NEUL (MA represents, whereas NEUL stands for “Always”)


With a name derived from an ancient Germanic word that means “valiant, courageous warrior”, DUSTIN (더스틴) is a 7 members of South Korean boy group under the management of LPA Entertainment.
The name members are: Kim Yoon, Hwani, Seunghan, JJ, Bel, Siu, and Daon, the group debuted on JANUARY 6TH, 2020 with the release of their first single album ‘BURN’. Even prior to debut, Dustin has garnered explosive interest not only in South Korea, but also overseas Italy Included!As Honorary Ambassadors for the Korean Youth Promotion Association and the 1004 Club Sharing Community, Dustin continues to grow with a unique perspective of nationalism and history and plan to hold domestic and overseas promotions that are consistent with Dustin’s outlook of the world.In June 2020, the group
received the Rookie Boy Group Award at the 2020 Korean Global Personality Awards held at The Riverside Hotel in Gangnam–gu, Seoul, South Korea.
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The unit DUSTIN–ON, DUSTIN’s hip–hop unit, is composed of the members from K-Pop group DUSTIN’s rap & hip-hop line: JJ, BEL and Daon.Inspired by the “ON AIR” light box found in recording and filming studios, the “ON” added to “DUSTIN” to create the unit name DUSTIN-ON signifies the group going “ON AIR” to release their very own music to the masses.As shown in DUSTIN-ON’s logo, the letters O and N overlap, forming a power switch.
This signifies that turning on the switch marks the beginning of a long journey for DUSTIN-ON.
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I GreatGuys sono un gruppo pop coreano che ha debuttato il 25 Agosto 2017 sotto la casa discografica DNA Entertainment con il singolo “Last Man”.
Il gruppo è attualmente composto da 8 membri i cui componenti sono Uiyeon, Horyeong, Daun, Baekgyeol, Donghwi, Hwalchan, Haneul, e Dongin.
Hanno ad oggi pubblicato diversi album e sono recentemente tornati, il 20 Luglio , con una nuova canzone intitolata “BLIND LOVE” e il corrispettivo album “We are not alone final: Only You”.

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