Dancer in concert tours for BTS, EXO and TVXQ.Seventeen’s dancer;
choreographer for StrayKids, Pentagon, NCT, Enoi, and several other artists;
choreographer in tv show I–Land.He also created the street fashion clothes brand D–Auspice, made in Korea.


Dokteuk Crew are a Korean Dance Performance Team, who was build many award carreers withunique and one and only style in internal and external countries. Some of their representative awards are: USA international competition “body rock 2019”Korean representative, co work and make DANCE M/V with world top 3 record company “SONY MUSIC”, winners of many others awards. SM/ BIGHIT/ DNA/ J–PARK/STAR–O/ Taemin, EXO, BADA, Seung lee, loopy – Dance trainer and performed.


SM trainer and NCT, WAYV, SUPERM dancer.


Choreographer for The Boyz, WayV, UNVS and dancer for ENHYPEN, HYUNA, MAMAMOO and SEVENTEEN.


Dancer&Choreographer active in Korea. She do dance activities with celebrities and do dance performances herself, a wedding dance performance too. Also, she teach dance at students.


Choreographer for WayV, NCT DREAM, ENHYPEN, yezi.


Hojin is the main dancer and the one who takes care of the choreography for N.CUS, a kpop group that debuted on August 27, 2019, with the single “Super Luv”. Before debuting, NCUS did several busking activities (street performances) in Hongdae and Sinchon.
Since their debut N.CUS have been guests in several Korean shows, such as Show Champion, Music Bank, Music Core, MCountdown, The Show, Arirgang TV Simply Kpop…
They also had a lot of activities in Japan, both before and after the debut.
In June 2020 Hojin participated in the Korean survival program “BURN UP: Billboard Challenge” led by APRIL and KARD.
On August 14, 2021 N.CUS made a comeback with a single album, containing the title “Get Out”, of which the MV was released.


A member of the LUCENTE kpop group, Taejun made his debut as an idol on September 18, 2018. Within the group he has the role of main dancer and rapper. After the release of their first mini-album “The Big Dipper” LUCENTE have promoted in many Korean programs (Show Champion, The Show, Music Bank …) and have also held concerts in various parts of the world.
In June 2020 Taejun participated in the Korean survival “BURN UP: Billboard Challenge” conducted by APRIL and KARD.
In September 2020 he opened the Youtube channel “turn
up”, in collaboration with BAO, in which the two guys upload both dance covers, vocal covers, and original choreographies.
He also directed the choreography within the musical film “K-School”.
He has participated in numerous workshops in various Korean dance studios such as 1Million, Just Jerk Dance Academy and Urban Play.


Korean dancer and choreographer, specifically:
– Instructor at the Dance Planet school of Incheon
– Trainee at Career NA Entertainment, PR Entertainment and NEST Management
– HICC Entertainment Trigger (Boy group) – Japanese activities of Nene
He has performed as a dancer in many famous Korean events such as KBS Gayo Daejeon, SBS Entertainment Awards, MBC Gayo Daejejeon and in some of these he has been the backup dancer of artists such as B1A4, PSY and Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO).
He has also participated as a guest star in many other Korean festivals (World Dynamic Festival, Wonju Rose Festival, Youth Festival …)
He has participated in numerous workshops in various Korean dance studios such as 1Million, Just Jerk Dance Academy and Urban Play

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