Interview Gret Guys

1.Can you tell us about the new song “Blind love”?

This title, “BLIND LOVE”, has an electronic sound that manages to express tension and sexiness through an R&B melody. The message of the song is that giving up on everything to protect someone you love is never wrong.

2. Which is your favourite scene in the MV?

As you know, each member filmed an individual video acting as a vampire.  The prettiest scenes are the members’ teasers before our music video was released.

3. How did you come up with the comeback’s concept idea?

In this concept we live undercover as vampires in order to protect the women we love. This is the first time that we come up with an idea all together. It was decided by all of us together.

4. This question is for each member. Among your discography, which is the song that you like the most, and why?

Horyeong: “Touch by touch”. It is a meaningful song that came out during the pandemic and I hope it cheered up our fans as well.


Daun: “Sweet night”

Dongin: It is “Sweet night” for me as well. It is a song in which I was able to express my feelings to fans and those who support me and I am happy that it is part of the album.

Uiyeon and Haneul: “Ganda”

Baekgyeol “R.O.M.L”

Hwalchan: “Black&White”

5. Can you describe the member to your left with a maximum of 5 adjectives? Then could you tell us what was the first impression you had of him?

Dongin → Daun

 Good voice, cute and short. When I first met him I thought he was extremely cute. When I heard him singing I also thought that he had a beautiful voice.

Daun → Jaei

 Tall, purple haired and nice. At first I found him really intimidating because he had red hair.

Jaei → Horyeong

Very tall, handsome and nice. My first impression was that Horyeong was an intimidating person.

Horyeong → Hwalchan

First of all, we have known each other long before our debut as a group. I always thought that Hwalchan is tall, has a model body and that he has the country boy charm.

Hwalchan → Baekgyeol

Maknae, cute and old man. Yes, he is like the youngest and an old man at the same time. At first I thought his presence was intimidating but after getting to know him I changed my mind.

Baekgyeol → Haneul

Sensitive, nice and cute. When I met him for the first time I thought he was very well mannered.

Haneul → Uiyeon

Good looking, model and actor. The first time I saw him I thought he was extremely handsome.

Uiyeon → Dongin

He has a strong presence and dances well.

When I first saw him I thought he was handsome.

6. What encouraged you to become an idol? Have you got any role model?

Baekgyeol: When I was young I used to watch audition shows so I started dreaming to become an idol. Back then BIGBANG were in the middle of their activities so they were my role model.

Hwalchan: I always wanted to perform on a stage, so I thought about becoming an idol. My role model was SHINee.

7. Which places would you like to visit in Italy?

Hwalchan: we love the sea so if we ever come to Italy we would like to visit Sicily.

8. If you could organize your dream concert, how would it be?

Our dream concert would be held in a big venue since we still had not the possibility to perform on a big stage. We would love if we could perform all the songs we released since our debut and during the performance it would be nice if we could interact with fans.

9. Is there a place you would like to visit or where you would like to shoot an MV? If there is, where is it and why you like it?

Haneul: I’d like to visit New York but actually I want to shoot MVs in many different places, both in Korea and abroad.

10. What is the most beautiful moment you experienced since the debut?

Every moment spent with our fans are precious for us. We hope there will be many more happy moments like those in the future.

11. What advice you would give to those who are training to take part in the Kpop dance Fight Fest?

We get very nervous as well when we perform on stage… My advice is to go there with a loving heart because everyone is cheering up for you. I want to wish you the best of luck and I hope you get good results. Fighting!


1. Describe the members one by one with a word.
Yeowool: 예림발발이 (Yerim – outbreak) / 민이미니마니모 (Mini – minimainimo) / 세연
슬픔이 (Seyeon – grief) / 라연김치 (Layeon – kimchi)
여울장미 (Yeowool – rose) / 라연라이언 (Layon – Laion) / 민이쥬쥬 (Mini – Juju) /
세연블루 ( Seyeon – blue)
여울쪼꼬미 (Yeowool – small) / 예림체리 (Yerim – cherry) / 민이애기 (Mini – baby) /
세연쿼카 (Seyeon – quokka)
세연허수아비 (Seyeon – scarecrow) / 예림인형 (Yerim – doll) / 라연(Layon – chicken)
여울-SRT 한국의 고속열차 (Yeowool – SRT, Korean High-speed Train)
여울장미 (Yeowool – rose) / 예림소녀 (Yerim – girl) / 라연엄마 (Layon – mum) / 민이
패트와 매트 (Mini – Pat and Matt)

2. Who is your inspiration?
Yeowool: My father’s sense of responsibility, my mother’s way of stabilizing her mind, and about my ideas, they come through meditation.
태연 (Taeyeon), 조이 (Joy), 아이유 선배님 (IU senior) Layon: My family and my members.
수지 선배님! (Suzy senior)
리사 (Lisa)

3. How many hours do you practice every day?
We practice for 6-7 hours every day, from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, we exercise and we do school assignments.

4. What’s your favorite food?
Yeowool: Red velvet cake with a soft sheet of creamy cheese Yerim&Mini: Tteokbokki
Layon: Rice noodles
Seyeon: Korean Food

5. How strong is the bond between the members?
Yeowool: Is there a word that can express the bond between family members? Yerim: It’s 10 times more on what you think
Layon : Enormous

Mini: We are one
Seyeon : It’s not just a bond, it’s a sense of unity

6. Is there a country you want to go to?
Yeowool: I want to go all over the world
Yerim: If it’s a personal trip, I want to ski in Switzerland. Layon&Mini&Seyeon: All the places where our Beckies are!

7. Have you ever thought that it’s hard to be an idol?
Yeowool: Maybe it’s because we are a group and we are not alone, so there’s a lot more to care about. But I still have to go through pain and have patience to get and have what I want.
Yerim: It is hard, but I never said it.
Layon: Being an idol is hectic, but there’s also a lot of waiting to do. The waiting part is the hardest.
Mini: Sometimes I say it, for example when a setback comes.
Seyeon: Mental strength over physical strength! Even if something is hard, I’ll get through it.

8. What is the group’s biggest hope?
All: Performing a solo concert


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